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Drone Soccer Takes Off

July 31, 2023
This newer E-sport is growing in popularity, and schools around the world are beginning to participate with Drone Soccer Ball Kits.
Electronic Design
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Test & Measurement

Phone App Captures Data Using Photogrammetry & LiDAR

July 25, 2023
Pix4D’s PIX4Dcatch real-time kinematic (RTK) system includes a phone and viDoc RTK rover, which provides RTK accuracy for the imagery and LiDAR data.
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Rugged PCIe/104 SBC Sports 3-Bank PCIe Stacking

July 24, 2023
VersaLogic’s Sabertooth single-board computer utilizes heat-pipe cooling and stackable PCI Express support to handle multiple 10G Ethernet ports.
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Build Your Own Drone

July 21, 2023
Hardware manufacturer Holybro uses open-source products to deliver flight controllers, telemetry radios, and GPS to drone builders.
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Real-Time Kinematic Positioning (RTK) and GNSS Solutions

July 11, 2023
Mårten Ström highlights u-blox's RTK GNSS solutions for cars and other vehicles.

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High-End FPV Goggles Ideal for Drone Pilots

July 5, 2023
Orqa's goggles provide first-person viewing to put you in the cockpit of a drone.
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Survey Drone Flies in Windy Conditions

July 5, 2023
The Wispr Systems Ranger Pro Series has options for LiDAR-based front or omnidirectional collision avoidance and can fly in up to 50-mph winds.
Electronic Design
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Heavy-Lift Drones Growing in Popularity

June 29, 2023
Draganfly's CEO discusses how the heavy-lift drone market is expanding for wildfire rescue, survey, inspection, military, and logistics applications.
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Military-Grade AMR Fit for Manned or Unmanned Operations

June 16, 2023
With a focus on military applications, the Stratom XR-P autonomous mobile robot can also be used in mining, agriculture, and logistics applications.
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Drone in a Box

June 15, 2023
Target Arm’s Tular launch-and-recovery system can autonomously deploy and capture a drone from a moving vehicle.
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Building Custom Connections

June 13, 2023
Omnetics focuses on custom design and manufacturing of micro-miniature and nano-miniature electronic connectors.
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Making Connections: Rugged Small-Form-Factor Connectors

June 8, 2023
Board-level interconnect company @SamtecVideo provides SFF solutions for military and aerospace customers.
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25-hp Engine Uses Reimagined Thermodynamic Cycle

June 5, 2023
LiquidPiston’s XTS-210 engine is ideal for UAV applications, portable power generation, and other military and defense applications.
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Rugged Machine Computer Targets Defense, Mining, Construction, and Agriculture

June 2, 2023
Elma Electronic’s NVIDIA-based JetSys-5330 is IP67-rated and ideal for AI and deep learning.
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"Throw Phone" Enables Law Enforcement to Establish Communication

May 26, 2023
By using the BRINC Ball and a cell phone, public safety officials can more easily diffuse a hostile situation, perform wellness checks, and more.
Electronic Design
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Working Dog[bot]: Robot Loaded with Sensors and Cameras

May 24, 2023
Ghost Robotics’ Vision 60 quadruped robot can autonomously navigate difficult terrain for military and security missions.
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Tethered Drone Aids Emergency Response

May 22, 2023
Fotokite Sigma is an autonomous drone that provides situational awareness to first responders.
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A Glance at Xponential 2023

May 17, 2023
This technology compilation represents only a few of the latest advances in drone technology and standout vehicles seen at the show.
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SOM Powers Rugged AI Platform

May 10, 2023
Elma’s JetSys-5330 is built around NVIDIA’s Jetson AGX Orin.
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Stacking 10G Ethernet

May 9, 2023
VersaLogic’s dual-port 10G Ethernet adapter tops off a PCIe/104 stack.
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High-Performance Nav Module Meets Auto Demands

May 8, 2023
The ZED-F9L 6-axis IMU from u-blox provides integrated dead reckoning and GNSS support.