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LTE Femtocell Platform Optimised For Small-Cell Basestations

To enhance its PC960x LTE development platform, picoChip collaborated with Cambridge Consultants to provide optimisations for “small cell” basestation architectures. Small cells are seen as an essential tool for mobile operators to deliver both capacity and coverage to users at any location.

The PC960x is claimed as the first full hardware and software development platform for LTE femtocells. It offers quick and simple development and prototyping to customers and brings together full evaluation and prototyping capabilities. The PC960x accelerates time-to-market of small-form-factor LTE products (“Home eNode B”) optimised for metropolitan, enterprise, and residential applications.

LTE is the first cellular standard to achieve global acceptance. It promises higher capacity and lower operational costs for network operators, allowing expansion of their mobile broadband services to reach more customers.

picoChip has been an active contributor to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) on the deployment of LTE, with the goal of improving the scalability and flexibility of dense deployments of small cells in LTE networks.

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