Generator Produces Complex Pulse Sequences For Radar Testing

Nov. 18, 2010

German test and measurement specialist Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) has added an option to its R&S SMB100A signal generator family, expanding the instrument’s range of applications to include interference measurements in the wireless communications range up to 12.75 GHz.

Equipped with its integrated pulse generator and the new option, the R&S SMB100A can now generate complex pulse sequences such as those needed for radar tests. According to the company, the device is the only signal generator in this frequency range with a wear-free electronic attenuator, providing advantages for applications requiring frequent changes in level settings such as receiver tests.

Meanwhile, the new R&S SMZ frequency multiplier family boasts a frequency range up to 110 GHz to expand the capabilities of the R&S SMF100A microwave generator. These multipliers are the first on the market that can be optionally equipped with either a built-in mechanical or electronic level controller.

The R&S SMF100A microwave generator can control the multipliers via USB so the generator and the multiplier function as a single unit. Over this interface, the R&S SMF100A also receives all the data required to automatically correct the multiplier’s frequency and level values, eliminating error-prone and time-consuming level measurement with a level detector or power sensor as is usual in conventional development and production test setups.

Rohde & Schwarz


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