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EEPROM Devices Support Two Write Protects

Wokingham, Berkshire: A series of I2C EEPROM devices developed by Microchip Technology delivers an operating voltage that drops to 1.5V for read and write operations, with an operating current of less than 400µA.

Designated the 24VLXX series, these 1kb and 2kb EEPROM devices are claimed as the first to support two different write-protect features. The 24VL014, 24VL024, and 24VL025 can be ordered with a full-array write protect, while the 24VL014H and 24VL024H devices support a half-array write protect. With an operating frequency of 100kHz at 1.5V, the new EEPROMs can operate in portable and handheld applications with very low voltages.

TAGS: Microchip
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