Electronic Design

First STripFET VI DeepGATE Transistors Launched

Geneva, Switzerland: A new series of 30V surface-mount power transistors are claimed to possess onresistance as low as 2 mΩ (max). Using its STripFET VI DeepGATE process, which has high equivalent cell density, STMicroelectronics says it’s achieved the industry’s best RDS(ON) in relation to active chip size. This represents an approximately 20% boost over than the previous generation, and allows the use of small surface-mount power packages in switching regulators and dc-dc converters.

The technology also benefits from inherently low gate charge. As a result, engineers can use high switching frequencies and thereby specify smaller passive components such as inductors and capacitors.

One of the first devices introduced using this new process is the STL150N3LLH6 in the 5 x 6mm PowerFLAT package. Another is the STD150N3LLH6 housed in the DPAK package, which features an RDS(ON) of 2.4 mΩ.

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