Electronic Design

Lower-Power Wireless Chip Targets Sensor Apps

Oslo, Norway: According to Nordic Semiconductor, its next-generation ANT wireless single-chip nRF24AP2 family will offer more than 20% reduction in peak current over the previous family. Such a reduction yields an important extra power margin when working with small coin cell batteries. Overall, average operating currents are expected to reduce close to 25%, enabling a similar extension in typical battery operating lifetimes.

The single-channel nRF24AP2 (nRF24AP2-1CH) will suit a range of simple wireless sensoring apps, from bike cadence to heart rate monitoring. The more advanced eight-channel nRF24AP2 product (nRF24AP2-8CH) is designed for ANT hubs with up to eight active wireless sensor channels. Thus, products like sports watches, bike computers, and gym machines can connect to up eight different sensors or users simultaneously.

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