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More VME Systems Users Migrate To VXS Technology

More VME Systems Users Migrate To VXS Technology

VDC Research’s just-released report “2010 Embedded Hardware Market Intelligence Service: Embedded Boards Supply-side Analysis—Slot Single Board Computers” shows a growth expectation of nearly 3X for VXS from 2009 to 2012. Independent polling of the VXS Marketing Alliance, VITA members, and customers also suggested a continued increase in the migration from VME/VME64x architectures to VXS.

 “VME has experienced a number of evolutions during its more than 25 years in existence. These have allowed the architecture to remain not only relevant, but prominent in many designs and production cycles,” says Richard Dean, VDC’s Embedded Hardware & Systems research practice director. “An important part of this evolution is the VXS standard, which has brought new performance capabilities, including high-bandwidth serial fabrics, to the VME architecture.”

VXS delivers high-speed serial IO capability and up to 30Gbps data-rate performance, while maintaining the vast VME hardware and software ecosystem.

“The VXS architecture continues to evolve with higher performance options and new features,” says Justin Moll, chair of the VXS Marketing Alliance. “With a combination of performance, backward-compatibility, and a wide selection of established products in the marketplace, VXS continues to grow and thrive.”


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