NanoWatt XLP Low-Power Technology Drives MCUs

NanoWatt XLP Low-Power Technology Drives MCUs

Phoenix, Ariz.: Microchip has launched the PIC18F K90 and K22 families of 8-bit microcontrollers, which are based on its nanoWatt XLP low-power technology. In fact, the K90 represents the industry’s first ultra-low-power MCU family to include an on-chip LCD driver module capable of driving LCDs up to 192 pixels.

Both families support 1.8- to 5.5-V operation. They also offer a 12-bit analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) and Microchip’s mTouch capacitive touch-sensing technology, along with many other peripheral configurations.

The K90 family represents an expansion to Microchip’s 8-bit LCD microcontroller offerings and can be used to drive large, segmented LCDs while consuming low power. The family comes in 64- and 80-pin packages, with memory options that range from 32 to 128 kbytes of flash memory, up to 4 kbytes of RAM, and 1 kbyte of on-chip EEPROM. 

The K22 MCUs operate from 1.8 to 5.5 V and provide numerous communication channels, 8 to 128 kbytes of flash memory, and peripherals for mTouch capacitive touch-sensing applications. Other features include a 12-bit ADC, multiple pulse-width modulators (PWMs), and additional timers. 

The K90 and K22 families both suit use in home automation, appliance, and industrial applications, as well as the medical and automotive markets.


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