Package Boosts Current Whilst Slashing Lead Resistance

Package Boosts Current Whilst Slashing Lead Resistance

El Segundo, Calif.: Power-management company International Rectifier has introduced a family of automotive-qualified MOSFETs housed in the novel WideLead TO-262 through-hole package, which reduces lead resistance by 50% compared to traditional TO-262 packages while offering 30% higher current (see the figure).

In standard TO-262 through-hole packages, source and drain leads can add up to 1 mΩ of resistance, in addition to the on-state resistance of the MOSFET. The WideLead TO-262 reduces lead resistance to less than half a milliohm. 

Under evaluation, the lead temperature of the WideLead was 30% cooler than the standard TO-262 at dc currents of 40 A and 39% cooler at 60 A. Furthermore, other packaging enhancements allow the WideLead to deliver 20% lower on resistance compared with the same MOSFET in a standard TO-262 package.

IR’s automotive MOSFETs are subject to dynamic and static part average testing combined with 100% automated wafer level visual inspection as part of the company’s automotive quality initiative targeting zero defects.

International Rectifier

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