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Partnership Strives For Secure NFC Solutions

Partnership Strives For Secure NFC Solutions

Geneva, Switzerland: STMicroelectronics and Gemalto, a digital security company, will jointly develop a range of solutions to initiate and distribute digital security services for Near Field Communications (NFC) applications.

The companies are addressing the industry’s need for a secure element, such as the SIM-based NFC solution. They plan to further develop additional packages including the STMicroelectronics ST33 EAL5+ chipset and Gemalto’s secure operating system, mobile handset software, trusted service management, and secure personalization services.

The partners believe the combined turnkey solution will accelerate the adoption and implementation of NFC services, including consumer applications such as contactless payment, transportation ticketing, personal data protection, and device integrity.

The development of a state-of-the-art embedded secure element incorporates the industry’s leading public key cryptography, matching the latest GP 2.2, JavaCard 3.0.1 specifications as well as Common Criteria EAL4+ and EMVCo certifications.

Available both in a system-in-a-package (SIP) version combined with the STMicroelectronics ST21NFCA NFC controller or as a standalone secure element in dual flat no-lead (DFN) or micro-SD packages, the solution will offer a range of free memory sizes, up to 768 kbytes, for applications that can be managed throughout the product lifecycle through memory management.



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