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Trio Launches Design Simulation Tool

Digi-Key Corp., Transim Technology, and NXP Semiconductors have teamed up to launch the NXP SimPort Design Center, which will be incorporated as part of Digi-Key’s e-commerce platform. With the tool, engineers can create custom reference designs and immediately verify and test their designs online using Transim’s proprietary WebSIM technology. Once the designs are tested and approved, users can immediately buy components using Digi-Key’s e-commerce tools, which let users create a bill of materials from a simulated design and view real-time pricing and availability of parts for the design. Transim’s Design Center combines engineering software, Internet, and simulation technology to create a powerful simulated design solution. The simulated design center is customized to meet manufacturers’ needs. It also features their products and technologies in a Web application that’s designed to be easy to use. Transim’s engineers collaborate with each manufacturer’s design engineers to mimic the design process as it occurs when conducted in real life.


NXP Semiconductors

Transim Technology

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