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TSMC Heralds 28nm SRAM Yield Breakthrough

Hsinchu, Taiwan: According to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, it’s become the first foundry to achieve 28nm functional 64Mb SRAM yield across all three 28nm nodes (LP, HP, and HPL). The 28nm LP process will serve as a fast time-to-market and low-cost technology for cellular and mobile applications. The 28nm HP process is expected to support devices such as CPUs, GPUs, chipsets, FPGAs, networking, video game consoles, and mobile computing applications.

“This accomplishment underscores TSMC’s process technology capability and value in 28nm. It shows TSMC is not only able to extend conventional SiON technology to 28nm, but is also able to deliver the right 28nm HKMG technology at the same time,” says Dr. Mark Liu, senior VP, Advanced Technology Business at TSMC.

The 28LP process is expected to enter risk production at the end of Q1 of 2010, followed by 28HP risk production at the end of the second quarter, and 28HPL risk production in the third quarter.

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