Electronic Design

Wireless Modules—Long On Range, But Low On Power

Witney, England: The latest series of wireless modules from Circuit Design is now available from supplier LPRS. The MU-2-R, an embedded low-power radio modem for transmission of serial data, operates at 434MHz. The new MU-2-R measures 36 x 26 x 8mm, making it almost half the size of the existing MU-1-R.

Controlled by simple dedicated commands, the MU-2-R leaves the user free to concentrate on developing the transmitting and receiving programs for their system. For communication protocols, the MU-2-R has a standard protocol and an error-correction protocol, which performs error correction on the receiver side. The error-correction protocol uses Reed-Solomon code, which delivers strong error-correction ability even in environments prone to burst errors. This ensures the user can configure highly reliable systems compared to conventional radio modems.

Transmitting and receiving data, as well as issuing commands, employ a UART interface with a single-chip CPU. In addition, the module may be controlled through the COM port (RS-232C format) of a computer, minimising development times.

A battery-operated 10mW MU-2-R covers a range of 600 m or more. If the application requires greater range, the MU-2-R can be used as a relay station without any additional components.

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