36-V RRIO Op Amp Improves ADC Precision Without Auto-Zeroing

36-V RRIO Op Amp Improves ADC Precision Without Auto-Zeroing

By combining fast settling and high-output drive with precision, the OPA192 36-V rail-to-rail input and output (RRIO) op amp can drive analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) in high-voltage data-acquisition systems. By leveraging the company’s e-Trim technology, the device provides 5-µV offset voltage and 0.2-µV/°C offset drift over temperature with using internally clocked auto-zero techniques, which increases the accuracy of industrial sensor signal conditioning. It also eliminates the need for system-level calibration. A precise 36-V input range maximizes input dynamic range for high-voltage measurement in industrial automation and control applications. In addition, a 60-mA output-current drive and 1-nF capacitive-load drive bring stability to high-voltage buffers and multiplexed data acquisition. Three package options are available: 5- by 4-mm SO-8, 3- by 3-mm MSOP-8, and 3- by 1.75-mm SOT23-5.


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