40-V Op Amp Doubles The Slew Rate

40-V Op Amp Doubles The Slew Rate

According to Analog Devices, its 40-V ADA4870 operational amplifier delivers over 1 A of output current at more than twice the slew rate (2500 V/µs) of competing high-output-power amplifiers. Specifically, the device offers 52-MHz bandwidth and high slew rate in high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) equipment for medical treatment and procedures, facilitating the high-voltage pulses needed to drive the piezoelectric transducer, increasing accuracy, and ultimately replacing large discrete solutions. For small-cell base stations and compact military radios, it boosts power efficiency and extends battery life by assisting with the drive of the power amplifier’s (PA) low-impedance bias control to track the RF signal’s envelope. The op amp only uses as much power for the PA as needed to pass the signal. The ADA4870 also helps improve the driving of high-capacitance and low-resistive loads. For instance, it can extend the bandwidth of high-voltage function generators or increase automated-test-equipment drive capability and testing speeds, while reducing size and cost. The 10- to 40-V device features an output-voltage swing of 37 V with a 40-V supply.


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