The Migration of AI from Buzzword to Application Solution

April 2, 2024
Inside Electronics host Alix Paultre talks with MathWorks’ Johanna Pingel about the rise of AI/ML and how the company’s MATLAB platform helps integrate AI into system designs.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) have slowly grown and matured in the industry from being slightly more than buzzwords to a market size valued at $168.5 billion in 2022, according to a research report published by Spherical Insights & Consulting. The report also predicted that the AI market will reach $2,760.3 billion by 2032, an impressive figure and evidence of its rapid growth.

Important factors in that growth include the tools used to create the AI solutions and the way the algorithms are created. More than a few companies are working on AI- and ML-based solutions for applications from the factory floor to the cloud. One of those companies is MathWorks, which offers the MATLAB engineering platform for integrating AI in the design and development of engineered systems and their optimization. MATLAB can help engineers create better AI datasets, build AI models for domain-specific tasks, and continuously test these models properly.

MATLAB enables the creation of AI models with a few lines of code or pre-trained models, using domain-specific tools and low-code apps to build complete and scalable AI workflows. It’s able to combine AI techniques with system-level simulation to reduce errors as well as deploy AI models to edge devices and the cloud. You can also exchange AI models and design functionality between MATLAB and Python.

In this podcast, we talk with Johanna Pingel, Product Marketing Manager at MathWorks who focuses on machine- and deep-learning applications and how to make AI-based solutions practical, entertaining, and cost-effective. She joined the company in 2013, specializing in image-processing and computer-vision applications with MATLAB.

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