Designing Advanced Automotive Driving Systems for Safety and Integrity

April 16, 2024
In this edition of Inside Electronics, we talk with u-blox’s Stefania Sesia about the design of safe and reliable automotive systems, such as u-safe for high-performance lane positioning.

A vast array of autonomous-vehicle architectures, features, and sensors are available to designers, and each requires a myriad of highly accurate, safe, and reliable positioning solutions. Companies like u-blox create subsystems in the automotive space that must address multiple OEM E/E architectural designs.

Such solutions can be integrated into different digital control units (DCUs), such as ADAS, infotainment, and telematics, or electronic control units (ECUs) designed for positioning/location functionality. They leverage hardware components with GNSS receivers; software components for dead reckoning, RTK algorithms, cloud-based support, etc.; and correction services for increased accuracy when needed.

Depending on the ADAS-level functionality desired, the vehicle-positioning solutions must provide sub-meter accuracy, using multiband solutions with state and observation space representation (SSR/OSR) correction service to deliver pre-certified safe platforms compliant with ISO 26262 and 21448. Such a solution demands a multi-constellation, multiband GNSS receiver that integrates high-precision algorithms, an L-band receiver, and GNSS correction services, which must also be able to address continental coverage with optimized user plane bandwidth usage.

Advanced functionalities like vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication enable vehicles to interact autonomously with other cars, roadside kiosks and stations, and the cloud to exchange data such as relevant traffic, events, and status information. This makes possible value-adding services like early warnings, pre-crash information gathering, and traffic flow optimization.

Offering a high-precision, high-integrity solution that meets functional-safety standards along with ISO-26262/ASIL-B precertification, u-safe from u-blox enables high-performance lane positioning for autonomous vehicles and end-to-end solutions, helping future-proof ADAS architectures. In this podcast we talk to Stefania Sesia, Senior Director and Head of Global Application Marketing for Automotive at u-blox, about designing advanced automotive systems that are safe and reliable.

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