Tackling Cybersecurity Issues in Embedded Systems

May 7, 2024
Electronic systems are under siege from cyberthreats, from phishing to sophisticated attacks on firewalls. This edition of Inside Electronics discusses cybersecure plans of action in the embedded arena.

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Cybersecurity is an important issue in electronic systems, especially those that are accessible to outside agents. Security has always been problematic with data, but only in the last few years has it become enough of a societal issue that awareness among people reached the tipping point. Now at least everyone agrees that every intelligent system must be secure against adversarial actions.  

Cybersecurity should be deployed at every level to address every mode of attack that may occur, from a brute-force phishing attack using thumb drives dropped in the company parking lot to sophisticated attacks on the company’s data firewalls, and everything in between. In this podcast, we’ll talk about cybersecurity and what’s going on in the embedded electronics community, and refer to several articles on the topic posted on Electronic Design.

Articles referenced:

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