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Discussing the State of Advanced Intelligent Devices in the Cloud

June 11, 2024
Silicon Labs’ Ross Sabolcik weighs in on the ever-changing landscape of the cloud, edge computing, and the IoT, and on the company’s new wireless SoCs targeting energy-harvesting apps.

The Internet of Things is expanding and maturing in a variety of ways, from the hardware devices and systems operating in it and the wireless protocols being used to connect them, to the software making it all work together. Devices are getting smarter and more connected while growing in power and functionality to address more applications and use cases.

Recent developments in solutions addressing cloud and IoT development include Matter, the new “lingua franca” inter-device communications protocol that promises to empower smart-home applications to the latest AI-driven edge-computing solutions. The multimodal nature of the cloud today, in addition to the migration of intelligence to the edge, demands smart, connected, and aware devices.

In today’s podcast, we talk to Ross Sabolcik, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Industrial and Commercial IoT Products at Silicon Labs, about his views on the cloud, edge computing, and the Internet of Things. Silicon Labs recently released the xG22E family of wireless SoCs, the company’s first device family designed to operate within the demanding low-power envelope required for battery-free, energy-harvesting applications.

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