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The Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Next-Gen Embedded Systems

June 18, 2024
Disruptive technologies in the embedded-system arena have opened the door to incredible innovation, but they also breed new challenges. Octavo Systems’ Erik Welsh and Greg Sheridan break it down.

The increased pace of electronic development has not only changed the very face of society and how it operates, it’s continuing to grow and evolve in ways both expected and unseen. The embedded electronics industry is currently in a state of disruptive growth, with new materials, technologies, and processes providing engineers with the ability to create new kinds of solutions for applications both new and old.

In this podcast we talk to Erik Welsh, CTO & Applications/Systems Manager, and Greg Sheridan, Vice President Strategy and Marketing, at Octavo Systems about how the higher levels of system integration are fomenting challenges and opportunities in developing embedded systems. These higher levels of integration must address the heterogeneous convergence of disparate systems based on different core technologies.

About the Author

Alix Paultre | Editor-at-Large, Electronic Design

An Army veteran, Alix Paultre was a signals intelligence soldier on the East/West German border in the early ‘80s, and eventually wound up helping launch and run a publication on consumer electronics for the US military stationed in Europe. Alix first began in this industry in 1998 at Electronic Products magazine, and since then has worked for a variety of publications in the embedded electronic engineering space. Alix currently lives in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Also check out his YouTube watch-collecting channel, Talking Timepieces

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