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The Critical Connection Ep. #6: Addressing Electric Vehicle Charging System Connectivity Concerns

Jan. 20, 2023
In this podcast, we cover some of the considerations that fast-charging EV station designers should think about when selecting the connector suite for an advanced EV charging solution.

The EV fast-charging station infrastructure is in a state of rapid growth, with EV charging stations and kiosks being deployed in more city places and remote spaces than ever before. This puts pressure on the electronic design engineer to ensure these charging stations operate in an optimal manner — no matter where they are deployed and regardless of the ambient environmental situation. The cables and connectors in an EV charger are both points of risk and opportunities for system optimization.

What are some of the considerations that the designer should think about when choosing the connector suite for an advanced EV charging solution? How do you ensure proper performance, safety, and reliability for interconnects that are often exposed to harsh environments? To properly select the right interconnect solution, it is important to consider every facet of the application — power requirements, market considerations such as regulation and certification, and thermal and environmental considerations.

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