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Compact DC Link Capacitors Tackle Power Factor Correction

TDK’s B3277*X/Y/Z series of film capacitors is designed for rated voltages between 500 and 1200 V dc.

TDK Corporation extended its portfolio of EPCOS film capacitors for dc link applications with the B3277*X/Y/Z series. The new capacitors feature compact dimensions, high capacitance density, and high current capability. They're designed for rated voltages between 500 and 1200 V dc.

The series offers numerous standard capacitance values within the range of 1.5 to 170 µF, says the company. Depending on the voltage and capacitance, lead spacing is 27.5, 37.5, and 52.5 mm; both four-pin and two-pin versions are available for each lead spacing.


The maximum operating temperature of these RoHS-compatible components is 105°C. At a rated voltage and an operating temperature of 85°C, the typical service life of the self-healing capacitors is 60,000 hours.

The MKP capacitors are suitable for use in dc link circuits as dc filters, for power factor correction (PFC) of industrial converters, and for power supplies with higher reliability requirements. Applications include X-ray equipment, LED street lighting, induction hobs, and electrical chargers.

Main Applications

  • Dc link circuits, dc filters, and PFC for industrial converters
  • Power supplies with higher reliability requirements

Main Features and Benefits

  • Broad capacitance range of 1.5 to 170 µF
  • High current capability of up to 36.5 A
  • Compact dimensions
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