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TE's MULTI-BEAM Plus power connector

Power Connectors Eye Next-Gen Apps with Up to 140 A per Contact

TE’s MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors provide higher power and signal density to save space and reduce power consumption.

TE Connectivity (TE) recently introduced MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors, the latest evolution of its power connector line. MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors share the same low-profile dimensions and enable the same through-system airflow as previous designs such as MULTI-BEAM XL, MULTI-BEAM XLE, and MULTI-BEAM HD power connectors.

According to the company, MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors satisfy the demand for higher-power solutions by providing a high current per power contact at a maximum of 140 A/contact or 100 A/contact per four adjacent contacts. The scalable and modular MULTI-BEAM Plus design also supports greater flexibility in configuration and printed circuit board (PCB) design.

The new MULTI-BEAM Plus power connector is manufactured with thicker material and features a high-density tail to carry higher current, says TE. Separated power contacts improve dimension stability. MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors are suitable for data-center and telecom equipment, industrial-automation devices, and power systems.

"The industry is demanding higher current and higher performance to power its new designs, and TE addresses this need by providing a connector with one of the highest currents available per power contact," said Tommy Yu, product manager in TE’s data and devices business unit. "TE's family of rectangular power connectors have become widely accepted in the industry, and MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors are expected to extend this trend."

Learn more about TE's new MULTI-BEAM Plus connectors here.

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