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175W Switcher Provides Any Required Output

A unique design allows the RCL175, a 175W ac/dc switching power supply, to deliver any required voltage on each of its one-to-four outputs, up to the maximum rating of each output. The supply is available with one to four outputs: 3V to 60V on output one, 5V to 60V on output two, and 5V to 30V on outputs three and four. Outputs three and four are isolated, allowing parallel or series connection. Output one is user-adjustable by ±10% and the other outputs track this output by the same percentage. Accordingly, the number of output configurations is infinite. Power capability is 120W with convection cooling and 175W with 12 CFM of forced-air cooling. Peak power is 200W and efficiencies range from 84% to 90% depending on output configuration. Prices start at $155 each/100. XP POWER, Littleton, MA. (978) 287-7260.

Company: XP POWER

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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