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1,800 µF Cap Fits In 2325 Coin Cell Holder

Fitting in a standard 2325-size, coin-cell battery holder, the Button Cell hybrid tantalum capacitor measures 23 mm in diameter and 2.5-mm thick with a weight of 8g. The component has a capacity of 1,800 µF at 50V and employs nickel-plated exterior faces that serve as low-resistance terminals. Other capacities and voltage ratings will be available in the near future. The capacitor allows high- voltage, single-cell operation by way of a sintered- tantalum-pellet positive electrode with a Ta2O5 dielectric film and an electrochemical-redox, pseudo-capacitance negative electrode, based on RuO2. For further information and pricing, call EVANS CAPACITOR CO., East Providence, RI. (401) 435-3555.


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