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1U Programmable Supply Delivers Up To 6 kW

Measuring 5.5" x 10.7" x 1.6" in 1U-high 19" rack-mounting chassis, the UFE2000 digitally-programmable, ac/dc front-end power supply provides up to 6 kW of available power or up to 4 kW redundant power. The supplies can also be stacked to 6U high for up to 36 kW of available power. The UFE series includes two models: a 24-Vdc output model with a power rating of 1.3 kW and a 48-Vdc output unit with a power rating of 2 kW. Both supplies generate a main payload output and an auxiliary 260 mA at 11 Vdc output for standby circuitry. The 1.3-kW model supports 90- to 264-Vac input and can deliver up to 65A from its main output while the 2-kW model accommodates a 180- to 264-Vac input and delivers up to 52A. Main outputs of each are isolated and floating and specify a hold-up time of 20 ms minimum at full power. Digitally programmable, the 48-Vdc model's output is adjustable from 42 to 57 Vdc and the 24-Vdc model from 21 to 28.5 Vdc. In both cases, output voltages are programmable on the fly with a set-point accuracy of ±0.5%. Pricing for both models starts at $665 each/100. EMERSON NETWORK POWER, Carlsbad, CA. (888) 412-7832.


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