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1U Switcher Racks Up The Density

Groomed for space-limited networking and other rack-mount systems, the LPS122 switching power supply outputs up to 125W in a package that consumes 3" x 5" x 1.29" of space. This translates into a power density of 6.7W per cubic inch. The supply can deliver its full rated output of 130W with 30 CFM of forced-air cooling or, for lower-power applications, 80W with convection cooling. Features include active power factor correction to minimize input harmonic distortion, a 12V/0.5A auxiliary output, 5V/0.5A standby output, and overload, over-voltage, and thermal protection. Operating temperature ranges from 0°C to 50°C without derating or up to 70°C by derating the output by 2.5% per °C. The supply complies with IEC EN61000-3-2 harmonic and EN61000-4-X susceptibility requirements and exhibits a mean time between failures in excess of 550,000 hours at full load in 25°C conditions. It also complies with worldwide safety and performance standards from UL, CSA, VDE, NEMKO, CB, and CE. Price starts at $95 in OEM quantities. ASTEC POWER, Carlsbad, CA. (760) 930-4600


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