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5W DC/DC Converters Tackle High-Reliability Applications

A new line of high-reliability, off-the-shelf, 28V dc/dc converters is intended for industrial, military and aerospace applications. Known as the CB line, these converters are available in 100% environmental stress screened versions and provide fully specified performance over an operating case temperature range of -55°C to +100°C.
The CB5 is a 5W single-output device, requiring only one square inch footprint. It features a low 0.38" profile, which allows for high-density card spacing. With a 16 to 40 Vdc input range, the CB series provides tightly regulated outputs of 2.0, 3.3, 5.0, 5.2, 12 and 15 Vdc with efficiencies exeeding 80%.
The CB10 is a 10W dual-output converter providing two independent output channels. This makes it suitable for low-power applications such as mixed logic systems requiring 2.0 and 3.3 Vdc.

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