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600W MicroTCA Supplies Include Shelves And Cubes

Compliant with the PICMG MicroTCA.0 Revision 1.0 specification, the MTC600 series MicroTCA power modules are available in ac-input and dc-input versions and support shelves, cubes and other, system implementations. Delivering up to 600W output power, the modules pack all necessary incoming power conversion, power management, and power protection functions for supplying a fully populated system. The ac-input MTC600-AC measures 12 HP high and the dc-input MTC600-48 version is 9 HP high. The MTC600-AC provides an input range of 90 to 264 Vac, making it suitable for use with single-phase supplies anywhere in the world, while the MTC600-48 has an input range of -39.5 to -72 Vdc, which accommodates both -48V and -60V battery plants. The MTC600-48 also supports 1+1 input redundancy and features dual A and B inputs with built-in ORing devices. Both versions provide 16 output channels, each capable of delivering 12V at 7.6A of payload power and 3.3V at 150 mA of management power. Prices for the MTC600-AC and MTC600-48 start at $865 and $825 each/100, respectively. EMERSON NETWORK POWER, Carlsbad, CA. (888) 412-7832.


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