Electronic Design

AC/DC Sources Deliver High Power And Flexible Control

The California Instruments RS Series high-power AC/DC power systems provide controlled AC and DC output for a wide variety of ATE and product test applications. In AC mode, the unit delivers anywhere from 90 kVA up to 540 kVA of AC power.  In DC or AC+DC mode, 50% of the AC power level is available simultaneously. Providing up to 90 kVA of AC power or 60 kW of DC power, the base unit of the RS Series is the RS90. Its AC output is three phase and easily switches between AC and DC output modes from the front panel. For higher power up to 540 kVA, the RS180, RS270, RS360, RS450, and RS540 models are available. When teamed with multiple controllers, these units can work as though they were individual RS90 units and used for different applications. Programming is via a Windows app with a graphical user interface. AMETEK PROGRAMMABLE POWER, San Diego, CA. (800) 733-5427.

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