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AC/DC Supplies Eye Cost Sensitive Industrial Apps

AC/DC Supplies Eye Cost Sensitive Industrial Apps

The VCS series chassis-mount, single-output ac/dc power supplies target cost-sensitive industrial applications that require an enclosed power supply with screw terminals. The series offers 50W, 70W, and 100W models and are available with +5, +12, +15, +24 or +48 Vdc outputs. A trim control provides a ±10% adjustment of the output voltage, allowing for the use of non-standard voltages or to compensate for cable losses. Convection cooled, the units require no additional heat sinking or forced airflow. Prices start at $14.25 each/500 for the 50W VCS50 model. For further information, contact Duane Darrow at XP Power, Sunnyvale, CA. (408)732-7777. [email protected]

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