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AC/DC Supply Configures Easily

The 1U-high, 4- or 6-slot Multistax ac/dc power supplies are designed for easy and rapid configuration via plug-in power modules that convert the intermediate bus voltage to the required output voltage. Front-end power units are available with power ratings of 700W, 1 kW, or 1.2 kW, and each supply can accommodate up to six floating power modules with up to 240W of output power each. They can be deployed in any combination, assuming the overall required output power does not exceed the total power capacity of the front end. The eight power modules provide dc output voltages from 1.5V to 58V and include single- and dual-output versions as well as units that can provide up to 50A. Prices start at $410 each/100. POWERSTAX NORTH AMERICA, West Boylston, MA. (508) 552-7108.


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