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Architecture Boosts Power Density In Small Package

Combining a number of proprietary power conversion technologies, the company's factorized power architecture (FPA) promises greater performance at a lower cost when compared to standard distributed-power and intermediate-bus architectures. The FPA power-conversion devices called VoI chips or VICs are capable of processing up to 200W in a BGA package measuring less than 0.25 in.³ and weighing less than 13g. This results in power densities up to 800 W/in.³, reportedly several times better than comparable devices. The voltage transformation module VIC converts the factorized bus to voltage levels required by the load with efficiencies up to 97%. It also provides input-to-output galvanic isolation and a switching frequency of 3.5 MHz. Targeted applications include systems with high-speed microprocessors, automotive systems, and portable consumer products. Price for a 200W PRM or an 80A VTM is $25 each in OEM quantities. VICOR CORP., Andover, MA. (800) 735-6200

Company: VICOR CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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