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Benchtop Power Supply Handles Heavy-Duty Apps

Benchtop Power Supply Handles Heavy-Duty Apps

Chiseled for resistance soldering, heat sealing, and conductive adhesive bonding apps, the Uniflow3 power supply replaces the Uniflow2 and features hardware improvements, added process controls, upgraded limit and alarm options, and a variety of user interface upgrades. Employing pulsed-heat technology, the supply provides targeted heating and temperature control for flex circuits, ribbon cables, wires, SMT components, single- or dual-sided edge connectors, and thermocompression bonding of gold ribbon. Hardware improvements include an LCD twice the height of the Uniflow2 with a front panel keypad containing additional keys. Process-control features now include three additional heating stages and additional states for programmable relays. Miyachi Unitek, Monrovia, CA. (626) 303-5676.


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