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Bulk Power System Revs Up Telecomm Equipment

Designed to power any type of communications equipment requiring -48 vdc, including telecomm switching systems and transmission equipment, the BZA 130 21 is a bulk power system that provides high current power for loads up to 10 kA. The system features a bulk power architecture designed for high customer load applications. Its high-density design is said to result in one of the smallest footprints available. Seven 150A rectifiers can be housed in a single cabinet, with only two 480 vac feeders required per rectifier cabinet. Rectifiers are plug-and-play and can accommodate a variety of distribution types, offering up to 12 high current distribution points located within one cabinet. The system also offers advanced power system features such as fiber optic communications among its units, and the capability for remote monitoring and control. The power system is designed for total, front-only access, allowing for back-to-back configuration or wall mounting, and is arranged for use with internal/external battery protection fuses. Call for pricing.

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