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Compact 24 VDC Input Supplies Eye Rugged Apps

Two 24 Vdc input models of the TTX series of power supplies have been introduced primarily for use in rugged applications, including military and mobile systems. The new 350W, 3U and 700W, 6U models boast of a high density design that fits into a single chassis slot (4HP). The new 24V TTX supplies support an input range of 18V-36V and offer the following standard outputs: -5V at 35A, 3.3V at 45A, 12V at 5A, and -12V at 1.5A for the 3U/350W model; and -5V at 60A, 3.3V at 90A, 12V at 7.5A, and -12V at 1.5A for the 6U/700W model. The supplies' design permits voltage percentages and load balancing to be verified, with their I2C interface further adding to controllability by providing actual output voltage and current measurements. OR’ring diodes are replaced with MOSFETS, reducing heat dissipation. And the FETS, as well as the supplies' planar magnetics have direct thermal contact with heatsinks, allowing for lower operating temperatures. Pricing for the TTX 3U, 350W, 24 Vdc input supply is $490 each/100. TRACEWELL SYSTEMS INC., Westerville, OH. (800) 848-4525.


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