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Compact Medical Supply Cranks Out Up To 600W

Modular, field configurable, and approved for medical markets, the Xmite family of power supplies delivers power outputs of 200W, 400W, and 600W, depending on the model. The supplies measure 10.25" x 3.5" x 1.59", making them viable candidates for 1U applications. They consist of a front-end chassis that mates with up to four output modules, which provide single and dual outputs ranging from 1.5 to 58 Vdc and up to 50A. Combinations of DIP switches and trim pots define output settings, allowing users to configure requirements in the field while maintaining all safety approvals. The power supply’s outputs can be tied in a parallel configuration for increased power or in series to further increase voltage levels, lending an air of flexibility to accommodate varied and esoteric applications. Each output module offers status and control functions including remote sense, remote on/off, trim, power good, and wireless current sharing. Other features include active power-factor correction, up to eight isolated and floating outputs, and efficiencies up to 90%. Pricing for a 400W, single-output supply is $242 each/100. For further information and availability, call EXCELSYS TECHNOLOGIES, Rockwall, TX. (972) 771-4544.


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