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Converter Features Isolated Output

The 6E04 dc/dc converter is part of the 6E series, which includes converter models with pi input filters, 4:1 input voltage ranges, and isolated outputs. Input voltage ranges include 9 to 36 Vdc and 18 to 72 Vdc. Units come with single, dual and triple low-ripple, regulated outputs. No external components are required for additional filtering. For power conservation, a CMOS/TTL compatible remote on/off control lets the converter output be turned on or off as necessary. Singe output converters have an external output trim allowing the output voltage to be set precisely within a ±10% adjustable range. These 25/35W converters have continuous short circuit protection and do not require a heat sink or external cooling. Efficiencies up to 80% are achieved with 200kHz, and greater, switching frequencies. Pricing is from $41.02 to $45.76 depending on the number of outputs.

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