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Converter Handles Wide Input Range

A new wide-input-range dc/dc converter delivers 15W in an industry standard 1" x 2" package. The BR series has two input ranges, 9 to 36 Vdc and 18 to 72 Vdc. Output voltages range from 1.8 to 15 Vdc and all models are isolated input to output. With the input range of the BR, the system designer can utilize a single converter capable of handling differing power sources, such as 12V batteries and 24 Vdc plugs. Despite the input range used, the BR has a tightly regulated output. Line regulation is 0.02%, load regulation is 0.1% and output noise is typically 1% of Vout at a switching frequency is 400 kHz. Operating temperature ranges from –40°C to 100°C case. The BR series is housed in a thermally conductive potting compound with a shielded copper case to boost thermal performance in places with little airflow. Thermal Impedance is 15°C/W and the MTBF is greater than 1-million hours. The BR converter has UL approval. Pricing starts at $20. CALEX MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC., Concord, CA. (800) 542-3355.


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