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COTS DC/DC Converters Enlist For Military Apps

Suitable for military and avionic platforms with a nominal 28-Vdc input, the 15W MTC15 and 30W MTC30 dual-output dc/dc converters are available with either ±12- or ±15-Vdc outputs and support a wide input range from +15.5 to +40 Vdc. Both units can accommodate 10-Vdc transients for 10s and up to 50 Vdc for 1s as per MIL-STD 704B-F. The converters’ feedback loops constantly monitor both outputs to provide load regulation. They also meet MIL-STD 1275A/B/C/D and MIL-STD 704A standards for surges and transients when used in conjunction with the MTF50 filter module. With the filter in place, the converters also meet MIL-STD 461E/F for conducted emissions and susceptibility. Additionally, they meet the environmental MIL-STD 810F specification that covers shock, vibration, humidity, temperature, salt spray, and altitude. Case operating temperature range is from -40?C to + 100?C. Price for the MTC15 dual-output 15W unit is $203 each in OEM quantities. For further information, contact Duane Darrow at XP POWER, Sunnyvale, CA. (408)732-7777.

Company: XP POWER

Product URL: Click here for more information

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