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DC/DC Converter Has 10:1 Input Range

Accepting input voltages from 17.5 to 150 vdc, the E100 Series of dc-to-dc converters provides 100W continuous output power with 110W peak surges. Efficiency is greater than 85% at maximum load and any input voltage with limits (24V). Input/output isolation is 2 kVRMS, and remote sense compensation is up to 1V total lead drop. Step load response is 25% to 75% on output, and inrush charge is less than 4.4 µC, one peak less than 20A for 50 µs. MTBF is 250,000 at full load and 40ºC under MIL 217F parts stress analysis. Holdup time is 5 ms under full load independent of input voltage. Dimensions are 4" x 1" x 6.7".

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