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DC/DC Converters' Efficiency Reaches As High As 87%

Designed for 24V input applications, this family of quarter-brick sized dc-to-dc converters provides high efficiency, high current output, and low heat dissipation. The converters support a 2:1 input voltage range from 18V to 36V, with nine models providing outputs from 1.5V to 15V. The units can deliver up to 25A or 100W without the need for a heatsink. And they use synchronous rectification and a patented topology to achieve full-load efficiencies up to 87% for a 3.3V output unit. The converters feature an industry-standard footprint of 1.45" x 2.3" with a height of 0.4" and weight of 1.2 oz. The modules are priced at $94.50 each/1,000.

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