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DC/DC Converters Feature 500 Vac I/O Isolation

Sporting compact footprints, the PC and PV series of dc/dc converters feature a 500 Vac input-output isolation rating and over-current protection. The converter modules also feature adjustable output voltages, making them suitable to distributed power applications such as telecommunications, data communications, instrumentation and microprocessor-based systems. The 3.3V models are specifically designed with low-voltage microprocessor applications in mind, it is claimed. Both series offer 3.3V to 15V single-output models and ±12- and ±15-V dual-output models. Full power operation is guaranteed up to 50°C with derating to 50% maximum output power at 70°C. The PV series, from 1.5W to 3W, feature a single in-line package and accept dc inputs of 5V, 12V, 24V and 48V. Measuring only 1.29" x 0.91" x 0.33" to 1.29" x 0.9" x 0.33", full output power can be achieved without an external heatsink. The PC series of 5W to 6W converters measure 1.1" x 0.31" x 0.63" to 1.61" x 0.33" x 1.02" and provide the same features as the PV models. They additionally include remote on/off, EMI shielding, and an integral fuse. Pricing starts at $9.50 for the 1.5W PV series and $10.25 for the 1.5W PC series in OEM quantities.

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