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DC/DC Power Converter Eliminates Multiple Power Supply Need

Designed for high-current applications that require multiple power supplies to achieve the high current, the MiniPack Brick Series is claimed as the first dc/dc power converter with a full 185A current capacity. Featuring a 960W brick utilizing Flat Transformer Technology, the converter is designed to eliminate the risk of using multiple unit power supplies in high-current applications and for fast transient response applications.
Reliability of the design is attained by reducing thermal stress on the power components. The use of eight dual diodes with equal current sharing allows each diode to carry an average of 12A for a 185A, 5.0 Vdc output converter. The product finds application in the areas of telecommunications, data communications, Internet infrastructure and networking arenas. The brick measures 2.5" x 0.5" x 6.5" without output bus bars.

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