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Dual-Phase Supplies Provide User-Selectable Output Protection

Selectable output protection, a key feature of the CSB and CSW series 2-phase power supplies, allows users to set hiccup or constant-power protection based on their applications. This feature couples with standard output overload and short-circuit protection. Both series operate using only two legs of a tri-phase circuit, thereby saving space, cabling, and further circuit protection costs. The CSB series accepts a universal input of 340 to 550 Vac while the CSW series supports a universal input of 185 to 550 Vac in both single- and dual-phase configurations. This arrangement is said to deliver the same output power as a tri-phase input power supply but at a lower cost and taking less space. The CSB supplies offer 24-Vdc regulated outputs and include a 6A model and a 48-Vdc/3A unit. Also outputting 24 Vdc, the CSW series supplies are available in 5A and 10A, 12- to 15-Vdc adjustable, 7A to 8A and 15A to 16A versions, and a 48-Vdc/5A model. AUTOMATION SYSTEMS INTERCONNECT INC., Carlisle, PA. (877) 650-5160.


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