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Frequency Converter Delivers Clean Power

Delivering 1350 VA of clean, regulated ac power from a 3.5-inch high benchtop unit, the P1351 solid-state frequency converter easily converts to a rack-mount unit. The P1351 has a circuit that provides voltage foldback to maintain full rated current into an overload without clipping the ac output. Power output is a maximum of 1350 VA with 100% of the rated output available into any power factor load. The unit provides a continuously adjustable output voltage of 0 to 135 Vrms or 0 to 270 Vrms with a frequency range of 45 to 500 Hz. Total harmonic distortion is typically 1%. The input requirement is 120 vac at 47 to 440 Hz via an IEC 320 receptacle and North American line cord supplied with the unit. Output connections can be made via front panel safety sockets or a rear-mounted barrier strip. Two digital readouts provide readings of true-rms voltage, current and frequency. Voltage can be remotely controlled via IEEE-488 or RS-232 interfaces. Price is $2395.

Company: BEHLMAN

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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