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Front-End Power Supply Targets Distributed Power Applications

Targeting networking and telecom distributed-power applications, the modular HPS series bulk front-end switching power supply can house up to four individual modules with a choice of single dc outputs from 24 Vdc to 60 Vdc and power ratings of 1,000W and 1,250W. Each module accepts between 85V to 264V input and accommodates frequencies from 47 Hz to 440 Hz with a 0.99 power factor.
The selection of outputs, in standard increments from 24 Vdc to 60 Vdc, include overload protection. Additional modules with power ratings from 500W to 2,000W are planned for the future. Other features include an efficiency up to 85%, over-voltage protection, full-cycle ride through, and 30 ms of hold-over storage with more than 5 ms early warning before outputs lose regulation. Each module includes a 5-V, 5-A standby supply plus an optional 60-W auxiliary 12-V or 24-V output. The rack costs $205 and the modules start at $376.

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