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General Front-End Packs 2,500W Power

A new front-end has been designed to achieve up to 2,500W of power with input power factor correction and a low profile, 2U-high, chassis-mount case. The GR series includes 10 different models with output power of 1,250W, 2,000W and 2,500W and output voltages of 24, 28 and 48 Vdc. Additionally, a 12 Vdc output version is available at 1,250W. The GR front-end is designed for a variety of general-purpose applications, with individual input and output connections including copper bus bar output terminals. A miniature 10-pin connector handles control and monitoring signals. For flexibility, units can be mounted on the bottom or side with 6-32 screws. Additional features include active power factor correction, Class B input EMI filter, no minimum load, up to 11.8W per cubic inch power density, single-wire current sharing between units, remote inhibit and a 5 Vdc 50 mA standby output. Protective features include over-voltage, thermal and short circuit/overload protection. Control and monitoring signals include ac power fail, remote output adjust, current monitor, inhibit, remote sense, dc power good and thermal alarm. The 2U-high case is fan-cooled and measures 4.9"W x 13.1"D. This product is suited for driving a dc power bus for a distributed power system using dc/dc converters. Pricing is $715 in volume. UNIPOWER CORP., Coral Springs, FL. (954) 346-2442 ext. 315.


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