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Half-Brick DC/DC Converters Put Out 80A

For heavy-duty power applications, the open-face ALH80 and AEH80 are claimed to be the industry's first half-brick dc/dc converters to deliver up to 80A of current. The converters come with a heatsink adapter plate. At a temperature of 85¡C, both units maintain an efficiency of 87% at 80A and 88.5% at 60A.Input voltages range from 36V to 75V to deliver outputs of 1.2V, 1.5V and 1.8V. At maximum current output with 600 LFM of airflow, the hottest spot on the open-frame ALH80 is just 113¡C. Other features include a ±10% output-trim adjustment, positive/negative logic enable input control pin, under-voltage lockout with hysteresis, and an operating temperature range of -40¡C to 85¡C. Both units are priced from $130 each/1,000. ASTEC POWER, Carlsbad, CA. (760) 930-4600.


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