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Half Brick Modules Deliver Up To 70A

Measuring just 2.4" x 2.28" x 0.4", the PAH200H series half-brick, dc/dc converter modules provide a power density of over 105 W/in.3 and can output up to 70A of current. Three output-voltage options, 1.8V, 2.5V, and 3.3V, are available with efficiencies up to 90% for a 3.3V output unit. The modules operate from a nominal 48V input and provide a fully regulated output at power levels up to 198W. Input voltage ranges from 36V to 75V with a peak voltage of 100V for 100 ms. Each unit comes with a voltage control for adjusting the output from ±10% to ±20% on the 1.8V and 2.5V models, respectively, and ±15% for the 3.3V models. Other features include remote sense, overvoltage and overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, remote on/off, and 1.5 kVac isolation. Pricing starts at $142 each/100. LAMBDA ELECTRONICS, San Diego, CA. (619) 575-4400.


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